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common This module defines generic strategies for packing a set of modules reachable from a root module and for flattening a set of modules into a single program. Module systems allow the definition of a program to be split into separate units stored in separate files. For languages that do not support separate compilation (such as grammar formalisms) these separate units need to be combined to create the whole program. Aspects of module packing and flattening - finding the module associated with the module name - doing something with the module, i.e., adding it to the result - finding the imports in a module - keeping track of which modules have already been inlined
graph A generic algorithm for mapping a graph to a collection of nodes reachable from a given root node. Basic idea: configuration of the form (todo, done, files), keep adding files corresponding to the names in \verb|todo| until empty
modules CHANGES (by Joost Visser) Strategy pack-modules(pack, dep-base) now takes two additonal options: -dep target -nodep The first one specifies the maketarget and basename of the dependency file that is created. If this option is not passed, the argument dep-base is used instead. Finally, the -nodep option can be used to disable this and prevent any dependency file to be created. Note that -dep takes precendence over -nodep. An additional strategy pack-modules(pack) was added that behaves like pack-modules, except no default for the dependency file base name needs to be specified. Hence, only the command line options are relevant. by Eelco Visser (2002-12-18): Refactored using new (config-style) option handling.