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environment Traversals that carry an environment.
fixpoint A collection of strategies that keeps traversing a term until no more applications of some strategy to the nodes can be found.
list This module defines a collection of generic one-pass traversals over lists. The primitive term traversal operators of Strateg -- all, some, one -- can be combined with the other control operators in a wide variety of ways to define full term traversals.
list-environment Traversals that carry an environment.
simple This module contains generic one-pass traversals over terms. These traversals have been defined using the primitive term traversal operators of Stratego, all, some and one, and the control operators of language. This results is a wide variety of resuable term traversals. Term traversals can be categorized into classes according to how much of the term they traverse and to which parts of the term they modify. Please read the annotated source code to see the breakdown.