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alternative Implosion of AsFix alternatives.
conc Conc to Cons SDF2 lists are composed by means of a binary concatenation operator (\verb|A+ A+ ->A+|) that we translated to \verb|Conc| above. In abstract syntax trees we want to represent lists by \verb|Cons/Nil| structures. The following rules achieve this transformation. Note: these strategies are not used in the main implode-asfix.
concrete-syntax Implosion of concrete syntax.
constructor Implosion of productions that result in constructor applications. An application of a context-free production is transformed into an actual application of a constructor name to the list of children. The Stratego primitive \verb|mkterm| takes a pair of a string \verb|c| and a list of terms \verb|ts| and turns it into the term \verb|c(ts)|. The constructor \verb|c| is derived from the production. If it has a \verb|cons(c)| attribute that attribute is taken. Otherwise the production should be some derived production for regular expressions.
indent-padding Indent-padding annotation.
injection Implosion of AsFix injections. Injections are nodes in a tree with a single child. Such nodes can be ignored if they only relate syntactic information instead of structural information. For instance, bracket nodes are only necessary for syntactic purposes.
layout Implosion of AsFix Layout
lexical Implosion of lexical syntax.
list Implosion of AsFix lists.
sort Note: these strategies are not used in the main implode-asfix, but only in a specific implosion option.
tuple Implosion of AsFix tuples