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annotation Primitives for getting and setting term annotations. The preferred way to access annotations, however, is through the term syntax t1{t2}, which allows matching and building terms with annotations.
common Some primitives for the manipulation of terms.
integer Integer arithmetic and comparison.
placeholder Primitives for ATerm placeholders.
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real This module contains strategies for operating on real numbers. In Stratego, real numbers are primitive terms, separate from integers. The precision of the reals match that of the underlying runtime platform, which currently always is the ANSI C library.
share The ATerm library preserves maximal sharing of subterms through hash-consing. This sharing is not directly available to the user of an ATerm. For some applications it is necessary to make the implicit sharing in terms explicit in the form of a let construct in which all occurences of a shared subterm are replaced by a symbolic pointer (variable).
string This module contains strategies for operating on strings. In Stratego, strings are primitive terms, separate from characters and character lists. It is recommended that all strings contain only ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) characters.
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