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AssignmentConversion 5.2: Assignment Conversion
Boxing 5.1.7: Boxing Conversion
CaptureConversion 5.1.10: Capture Conversion First, I wanted to store the upper and lower bound of fresh type variables in the qualifier of TypeVar. However, these bounds can refer to the type variables themselves, which can be recursive. To workaround this, the bounds are now stored in dynamic rules. Unfortunately, the bounds are now not part of the ATerm after serialization. Maybe there should be a representation for declaring these fresh type variables.
CastingConversion 5.5: Casting Conversion
IdentityConversion 5.1.1: Identity Conversions
Kinds 5.1: Kinds of Conversions
MethodInvocationConversion 5.3: Method Invocation Conversion
NarrowingPrimitive 5.1.3: Narrowing Primitive Conversions
NarrowingReference 5.1.6: Narrowing Reference Conversions
NumericPromotions 5.6: Numeric Promotions
Unboxing 5.1.8: Unboxing Conversion
WideningPrimitive 5.1.2: Widening Primitive Conversion
WideningReference 5.1.5: Windening Reference Conversions