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Description: No additional information available
array-class No additional information available
bytecode-class Bytecode Class
bytecode-constructor Bytecode Constructor
bytecode-field Bytecode Field
bytecode-method Bytecode Method
class Abstract class that represents a Java Class. Concrete implementations of this class are for example bytecode-class and source-class.
classpath Serialized Dryad repositories. This module defines the structure of a serialized Dryad repository and provides strategies to (de)serialize such a serialized repository.
compilation-unit Compilation Unit (Source)
constructor Abstract Java constructor
field Abstract Java field
member Abstract class for Java members (field, constructor, method)
method Abstract Java Method
package Class that represents a Java Package.
reference-ast Support for working with reference ASTs
repository Looking up package and class objects in the repository. Use the strategies in this module to get references to packages, classes, methods, fields, and all other code.
source-class Source Class
source-constructor Source Constructor
source-field Source Field
source-method Source Method