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Author: Unknown
Since: Unknown
Summary: Implosion of AsFix to an AST.
asfix-appl-to-sort Replace applications by application of sort symbol
asfix-flat-alt Flatten Alternatives: appl(alt(a,alt(b,alt(c,d))),[d]) ->alt(4,d)
asfix-flat-injections Flatten injections in a parse tree
asfix-flat-lex Flatten lexical sub trees in the parse tree
asfix-flat-list Flatten list constructs
asfix-remove-layout Remove layout nodes from the parse tree
asfix-remove-lit Remove literal nodes from the parse tree
asfix-remove-seq Replace sequence by tuples
asfix-replace-appl Replace appl nodes with their cons attribute if available.
implode-asfix No additional information available
implode-asfix-skip-concrete-syntax No additional information available
implode-parsetree Implodes a slight variant of the asfix format, similar to the command-line implodePT tool. Don't use this imploder, unless you know you need it.