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Author: Martin Bravenboer<martin.bravenboer@gmail.com>
Since: Unknown
Summary: Removes non-terminals that are not productive or reachable.
rtg-all-nonterms-in Succeeds if all non-terminals in the production are in the specified set of non-terminals.
rtg-can-be-produced Succeeds if the non-terminal can be produced by the rtg given the set of productive non-terminals. FIXME: this strategy seems to use one on a list?
rtg-check-result Exits when the result doesn't contain any productions or start symbols.
rtg-collect-nonterms Collect all (not build in) non-terminals in a rhg (or anything else).
rtg-productive-nonterms Returns the set of productive non terminals in the rhg.
rtg-reachable-nonterms Returns the set of reachable non terminals in the rhg.
rtg-reduce No additional information available
rtg-set-inc-repeat Repeats s until the current set is no longer being extended.